Sunday May 17

237 North Terrace
Adelaide, South Australia


We, the Uniting Church people of Scots Church
on North Terrace are called by God to be a welcoming, inclusive, worshipping community of God,
committed to justice, learning and care,
anticipating a world transformed
by the love of God


 Frontier Services Sunday
 17th May, 2020
Preacher: Rev Dr Peter Trudinger
Liturgist: Dr Mari Yu


We remember with gratitude the Kaurna people,
the original custodians of the land on which we now gather
and ask for God’s grace to be good stewards of this place with them
and to strive for reconciliation between all who share it.


A warm welcome is extended to all.
Your presence both enriches us
and this time of celebration together.

 An asterisk * indicates you are invited to stand as you are able.  You are invited to speak the words in bold.
Helpful instructions are in italics.
Our worship service follows a classic pattern.  For those of you unfamiliar with this, sentences in this font briefly explain the parts of the service.


(The meditation, prelude and image are intended to help you set aside the stresses of the outside world and prepare for worship.)



As you prepare for worship, take time to read the information in the worship booklet, on pages 10-11 and 14-15.  Pray for the work of Frontier Services.



Call to Worship
(We start by reminding ourselves that we are here to worship God together.  The Call is often based on a passage from the Bible.)

From river to ocean,
from campfire to hearth,
May the First People who have
cared for this Land be blessed.

From breath to song,
from step to dance,
May those who follow Your
Songlines guide us on the
journey of living honourably
in this place.

From greeting to Amen,
from silence to chorus,
May our worship join with
the voices of the First Peoples
of this Land.            (booklet, page 3-4)


Opening Prayer  
(This prayer usually focuses on God, e.g., acknowledging that God is with us or praising God.  The hymn continues the praise.)

Let us pray:
God of new beginnings,
you painted the sky,
filled it with glittering stars,
and taught the moon to cast her spell over the desert.
On this day of new beginnings, the promise of your hope springs eternal.

God of amazing vision,
you created people in your own image,
wonderfully and fearfully made,
living across all of this wide brown land.

On this day of new beginnings, the promise of your hope springs eternal.
God of all seasons,
amidst drought and flooding rains,
in times of health and of sickness,
you strengthen and uphold all those
who live in communities right across this land of Australia.
On this day of new beginnings, the promise of your hope springs eternal.

God of endless grace,
your commitment to the diverse peoples of this, your land,
is a source of inspiration and hope
and a source of challenge and peace.
Praise be to you, Creator God, great is your faithfulness.
              (From Frontier Services worship, 2011, alt.)


Suggested Hymn TiS 188 Where wide sky rolls down


Prayer of Confession
(There is a vast difference between God and humans.  Humans often do things that are hurtful to others or to God.  This prayer acknowledges that there is room for improvement and asks for God’s forgiveness.)      
(From Frontier Services worship, 2014)

Assurance of Pardon and Renewal
This is the good news:
In Christ, God’s plan for salvation
was accomplished.
You are forgiven, you are made new.
We will complete God’s joy by sharing compassion,
forgiveness, hope, with everyone we meet.
Thanks be to God! Amen
(From Frontier Services worship, 2018)


(We want to live in the way God wants us to live.  First we pray that God might help us understand what that means.  Then we listen to part of the Bible, and finally a message explaining what those words might mean for us today.  The hymn often picks up on some theme from the Bible reading.)

Prayer for Illumination
    (From Frontier Services worship, 2018)


The Good News for Today
          Isaiah 44:1-8, Matthew 25:31-40, John 14:15-21  

In sacred words of old,
we have heard the Spirit speak anew.


Suggested Hymn You were in this place
     (Booklet, p 5)


Silent Reflection


(In this section we commit ourselves to live lives that are in keeping with God’s will.)


Suggested Hymn TiS 382   Now the green blade rises


Prayers of the People
(God has asked us to love and care for each other.  In this prayer, we remember situations of need in the world.  It closes with the Lord’s Prayer, which was taught by Jesus to his disciples and is used by all Christians.) 
    (From Frontier Services worship, 2011)

Closing with the Lord’s Prayer


Life and Ministry of the Congregation
(We mention some of the things that are happening in our community, including the practical ways we can respond to God’s love for us, by loving our neighbour.)

Invitation to the Offering
(One practical way of responding is to contribute money which is used to help others who are in need.)
Just as rain in the outback can cause wildflowers to bloom in barren places, so too can our gifts of love and care in whatever form bring new and colourful life in unexpected ways and places.

*Prayer of Dedication
(We offer the money to God and pray that it might be used wisely.)


Suggested Hymn Hymn of the morning (Tune: TiS 650)        

  1. Magpies chant in haunting chorus,
    parrots chatter in reply,
    while the earth in awesome stillness
    waits to greet the dawning day.
  1. Trees shout silent Hallelujahs,
    leaves whisper sensual delight,
    when the zephyr of your Spirit
    softly sings in morning light.
  1. Shining grass shimmers in splendour,
    sparkling gold and silver bright,
    with new tales of cosmic glory
    as each dew drop enters sight.
  1. All creation pours forth praises,
    earth, sun, sky, birds, grass and tree
    unite sung and unsung voices
    in perfect harmony.
  1. Gracious God, who every morning,
    sings the earth to life anew
    with creation’s joyful anthem
    we shall offer praise to you.      (Words: Brian Lewis Smith)


(At the end of the service, we prepare to go back to our daily lives.  The Commissioning reminds us how we are to live in the world.  The Blessing reassures us that God is with us in our daily lives.)
    (From Frontier Services worship, 2018, alt)

(From Frontier Services worship, 2011 alt.)


*Choral Amen  TiS 783(ii)



This is an opportunity for quiet reflection.  Please remain seated until the postlude has ended. No applause is necessary.



Let the church of Jesus, the Christ, arise and go forth
into the world as a vibrant witness to the abiding presence of God’s love. 

We exchange the peace of the Christ with one another. 

Sources used in worship today include orders of worship for Frontier Services Sunday from 2011, 2014, 2918 and 2020. 
Music reproduced with permission, licenses #A1050, LicenSingOnline, and #496838, CCLI. Image: Frontier Services.

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About Scots Church Adelaide
Scots Church was opened in 1851 by local supporters of the Free Church, a reform movement in the Church of Scotland that opposed political control of the church and engaged with the social changes of the 1800s, including industrialisation and urbanisation.  The church originally was named after the leader of the movement, Thomas Chalmers.  In 1929, the congregation amalgamated with Flinders St Presbyterian Church and took the name Scots Church.  After the Flinders St church was demolished items such as the organ, windows and plaques, were placed in Scots Church, and the stonework re-used as facing for the office block.  In 1977 Scots Church joined the Uniting Church in Australia

Over the years, the congregation has supported many social initiatives around Adelaide.  Today Scots proudly continues in its commitment to the city community as a neighbour and place open to all.  We host several community organizations, including the SA Jazz Archive and The Big Issue.  Our facilities are available for use by other community groups.

The building is the second oldest church still standing in the city.  The current minister of the congregation is Rev Dr Peter Trudinger. Worship services are held at 10.30am each Sunday.


237 North Terrace, Adelaide, Phone 8223 1505 
Minister: Rev Dr Peter Trudinger


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