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Practise Compassion and Care
The gospels have many stories about Jesus interacting with people who were on the fringe or outside the normal in his society – people with “leprosy” (the Covid-19 of the time), foreigners, morally questionable people (working for the Roman Empire). 

In every case, Jesus treated these people with compassion and care.

In this time of plague, we need to act as Jesus did.  We may not be able to work a great healing miracle, but whenever opportunity arises, each of us should strive to build up others and our community as much as we are able.  Just as a magnificent building may be constructed from smaller parts, so our practical actions can become the building blocks of a great society, one that benefits all its members, respects all and cares for all.

Please, do not fear or abuse the foreigner, the international traveler, the crew of a ship, just because the world is in a state of plague.  Imagine how you would feel if isolated in a foreign country far from home and family, with no one looking out for you. 

So, be kind. Strive to show compassion and care for all you encounter.  In this way, we can emerge from the current crisis as a community and country marked by love and respect.

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Rev Dr Peter Trudinger


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