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Home Communion

The Scots Church Pastoral Care Committee arranges small weekday services of Holy Communion in members’ homes every few months. Some years ago we used to hold a monthly mid-week Communion Service followed by a light luncheon for shut-ins and other more frail people who could not come to Sunday services. Then as numbers dwindled and needs changed, we began instead to hold small services in committee members’ homes and invitations were extended to other members of the congregation and friends. Jeanene writes of a recent gathering:

On a beautiful sunny day in June small group of Scots people visited the home of Jeffrey and Jeanene to celebrate home communion.

Peter led the group in prayer and read the passage from Mark 4:35. This passage tells of the experience when Jesus said to the Disciples “let us go across to the other side in a boat”. During the crossing a great wind storm arose with waves beating water into the boat. But during this storm Jesus was asleep in the stern of the boat. When awakened by the concerned disciples he questioned their lack of faith that they would be safe. Peter asked the group what their understanding of this experience was. Was Jesus testing their faith in him or could there be any other reason for him being asleep?

It was pleasing to welcome all, in particular Doreen and Barbara. Thank you to Peter for the meaningful service.   Jeanene 

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