Mr William Ferguson

William Ferguson (1810-1892) of Myrtle Bank (Early settlers were often identified by the holding they lived on.[i]) was a foundation member, a Trustee and Manager of the first "Scotch Church" in Gouger Street in 1840. Later, after a disruption in that fellowship in 1851, he became a member and, in 1859, an elder of Chalmers Church.

The window on the eastern side, "The Good Shepherd" was dedicated in memory of William Ferguson.  The window was presented by Mr Harry Bickford in October 1895 and was made by Montgomery & Grimbly, Adelaide & Melbourne.


[i] Myrtle Bank is a suburb of Adelaide, South Australia in the City of Unley. The suburb is named after a property near the foothills built in 1842 by William Sanders (1801 – 1880)

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